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maker’s dozen . Valentine’s Day Love

Kisses, flowers, hearts, glittery promises, and more! Happy Valentine’s Day from the Pond! I decided V-Day would be a good time to launch a new idea I’ve been noodling on for the Frog Kisser blog. I love surrounding myself with a weird collection of studio vernacular. It’s not so much clutter as an ever-changing hoard of inspiration gleaned from colorful objects, found items, and a trove a vintage papers, magazines and ephemera I tend to collect. I just love the quirky items I happen upon as I look through filing cabinets and cardboard drawers and storage bottles. I think about the stories behind these items, the times they represent, and what kind of new creation I might be able to make with them.

As I set about or store away all these slips of paper and artifacts, in my mind, I’m usually trying to categorize them in some way. I guess there’s an amateur archivist lurking around inside me. That’s where today’s post comes in. I’ve been toying with a new series or “column” called Maker’s Dozen, where I could curate a “baker’s dozen” of studio paraphernalia into a themed collection. Just an image of curiosities and random objects, pulled together for a closer look. Perhaps, in giving these items center stage, I’ll find some new inspiration for artwork or handmade pieces to share and sell in the shop. And, maybe you’ll be inspired too!

Today seemed like a good day to begin, so I’ve shared my Maker’s Dozen inspired by LOVE. I hope you enjoy a glimpse at the objects. It includes an artisan-made princess finger puppet, a Game of Life promissory note, lips band-aids, and a few other oddities. You might like this one in particular… the Everlasting Kiss Card, produced by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago in 1942 — as best I can tell. This one is the height of do-it-yourself Valentines with a place to put an imprint of your lips (no doubt in ruby-red lipstick) and check the boxes to match the fervor of your love!

If you’re looking for love notes of the more traditional kind, I spent my sketch journaling time this morning lettering one of  my favorite verses from 1 Corinthians 13. You can see the process in my Facebook Live video below!

Hello, February [printable February calendar]

February is here, and I can hardly believe the first month of 2018 is already gone! I have to admit that I have not gotten very far on some of the creative pursuits and ideas I set out to explore this year. January was busier than I expected with juggling new projects, new clients, kid activities, unexpected schedule changes, and more. I’m even a day late in sharing my monthly calendar! Still, I keep reminding myself that all the hustle and bustle of new work is just evidence and fallout from a ton of new blessings that have landed in our lap for 2018.

SO, as we enter a new month, I’ve decided to give myself a little extra measure of love and grace. Ideas have no expiration date, and sometimes they even get better with age. My days in 2018 may have been full, but I’ve spent them with the ones I love most, celebrating milestones, and honors, and snow days, and family date nights. The start of February is an encouragement to stick with it! Stick with what I love. Stick with who I love. Stick with moving forward. Stick with trying new things.

I included a little cutaway Valentine in this month’s printable calendar. You can download here or by clicking the image below. Enjoy!

morning letters . friday 041715


Some Friday encouragement this week! I continually try to remind myself of the true uniqueness of each person, each day, each life. We do ourselves a continual disservice when we are satisfied with following.

morning letters . tuesday 041415


A little David Bowie for the morning letters today! Let’s Dance, Tuesday!

morning letters . wednesday 040115


No foolin! Today’s practice is a little encouragement toward good thoughts and getting over the hump this week — from Roald Dahl. I’m not sure why the orange was so shaky this morning, but it’s all good!

morning letters . Monday 020915


I’m trying out a new angled brush today (still needs work) AND trying to get into the Valentines week spirit! Hey friends, I like you!!

morning letters . monday 091514


A great reminder this morning to focus on what really matters. Hope you have a great Monday!

summer of water . friday 070414


Happy Independence Day!

growing . Repurposed Tulips


We’ve been so excited to welcome Spring temperatures and weather over the last few weeks! I’ve been hankering to get started with more flower gardening around the house and getting our own little “garden” reclaimed from the elements. So far, we have all enjoyed getting our hands dirty.

I wanted to share a small repurposing story today. Take a look at these gorgeous spring blooms! The tulip bulbs started out in some potted arrangements my mother used last spring for some entertaining. The pots were a combination of various spring blooms, and once they faded, she passed them down to me. We put them — pots and all — in a corner of the backyard and forgot about them through the winter, unsure if the tulips would bloom again. A few weeks ago we noticed some peeks of color over in the west corner. All the bulbs were budding again, including the tulips! I suppose we can thank this unusually cold winter for that blessing. We’ve transplanted all the bulbs to highlight the porch of the storage building we call “the little house,” and we’ve been enjoying them ever since. They will be waning soon, so I wanted to make a record of the repurposed beauties. I hope your day is just as vibrant.

tulip2 tulip3 tulip4 tulip5

client work . Spring 2014 unWINE Downtown

It was a busy January with some projects for events in Starkville, and I thought I would share one of them this morning. I was able to do some illustration work for this Spring’s unWINE Downtown wine tasting event hosted three times a year by the Starkville Main Street Association. The Spring edition is often held close to Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to do something that would share the love! Here’s a glimpse at the sketches and the finished poster design. Enjoy!

unwine1 unwine2 unwine3

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