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Dreaming of Snow Days [printable January calendar]

Happy New Year! We are starting 2018 with cold toes and warm fires. Temperatures are in the teens, and the cold weather has all of us dreaming for snow days! I don’t think any flakes and flurries will make it to Mississippi, but a girl and her blessings can dream, right?

Along with dreams of snow days, we’ve been doing some home-keeping and home-making, as we refresh and prepare for a new year, a new semester at school, and rocking out new opportunities in the Pond. I’ve been thinking and dreaming and conjuring ideas through these last weeks of holiday vacation, and I can’t wait to get all that out through the pages of The Frog Kisser blog this year. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll have fun dreaming of mittens and flakes with this month’s printable calendar! Just click the image below to download – and stay tuned… I’m working on a new calendar format for February that I think will be fun!

photo essay . Merry Christmas Main Street

We’ve been visiting my parents in Macon, Mississippi for the holidays. The place is full of holiday memories for me! As a child, I spent every two-week Christmas vacation at my grandparent’s house on the farm at Busy Bee. One of our Christmas Eve traditions was driving the ten minutes to “town” to see the Christmas lights. We would tour the small neighborhoods and recall who lived in each house and ooh and aah over the holiday decorations.

Now, my children and I also spend much of our holiday vacation in Macon as well, and I’ve tried to revive that practice of checking out the lights. We usually wander through downtown and Main Street to see the stars, angels and Christmas trees in white lights. We notice the white lights lining the tops of the Main Street buildings even though some are sagging now and it’s not hard to find a missing bulb or two. We drive to the end of Main Street to see the “Peace on Earth” lighted letters that serve as sort of a last call for the sentiments of the season as you leave town. There are not quite as many neighborhood lights as there once were. The town’s citizenry is getting older, and many of the antebellum homes stand empty. Like so many small Mississippi towns, the heart of Macon is changing with fewer businesses, fewer activity, and more people traveling out of town for what they would normally find at home. Still, it’s neat to share these sights with my little ones, and enjoy the peace of quiet lights. Here’s a glimpse…

go . Walking in Memphis + Snow


We were excited to visit Memphis again for Valentine’s Day last month, and I thought I would share a bit of our trip through pictures. We were there to see The Lion King at The Orpheum Theater for the Saturday matinee, and ended up with an extended vacation because of ice and snow! We went from shedding our coats during the walk on Saturday to throwing snow-turned-to-ice bombs at one another on Monday. It was a fun time for everyone to be snowed in for a few extra days. Plus, since we were staying away from the roads and some of our familiar haunts were closed, we had the chance to try some new things. All in all, it was a grand adventure which included the broadway show, Memphis BBQ, the National Civil Rights Museum, familiar walks in and out of snow, and some good togetherness. Here’s a look…


[late afternoon trek back from the Orpheum]


[doorway peek into Southern Folklore]



[Memphis deliciousness from Central BBQ after our visit to the Lorraine Motel]


We usually stay next to Court Square downtown when we visit Memphis, so these buildings are a familiar look up. The skies went from bright cobalt blue to pretty gray over the few days we were there.




morning letters . wednesday 022515


It’s Mississippi, folks. I’m not ashamed to admit we are standing at the window, staring up at the sky, and thinking I-know-its-up-there-somewhere, come-on-snow, happy thoughts. Just sayin.

favorite color 021314 . Winter’s Peace

jan13_peace jan13_barcode

I simply love this photograph. It was an accident, like so many forms of inspiration. I took it at our farm last year in early January in one of those blessedly out of focus moments that capture the simple peace of light and shape and pattern. Happy Thursday to you!

photo essay . Icy Puddles


We’ve had a few milder Spring-like days this week — the typical January indecisiveness of Mississippi weather. It’s been fun to go out without coats, but we are anticipating the return of the cold tonight. Below-freezing temps had me thinking back to some icy walks we took during our Thanksgiving farm trip, and some photos I never shared. What began as an alert that “there’s GLASS on the road!!” ended with some chilly fun looking at the patterns water makes as it freezes. (And of course, the sound it makes as we break it!)  Winter has its own frosty beauty, even for those of us in the Deep South. Happy Wednesday!

14ice2 14ice3 14ice4 14ice5

Calendar Printable + It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 
Toys in every store 
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be 
On your own front door!”

{“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”}
~ Meredith Wilson

Can you believe it’s December? Thanksgiving holidays ushered us right into a new month, and Christmas is in full bloom around the Pond. I love transforming our rooms with Christmas traditions, and this year I’m on a mission to simplify our schedules, our places and our thoughts. Last weekend we spent some time pulling Christmas boxes down from the attic and decking our halls with so many familiar treasures. We each enjoyed our own moments of “oohs and aahs” remembering where each holiday item should be placed in the house — and finding a few new places for things too! We are saving our Christmas tree for Saturday, so more trimming is in store!

Last week when we celebrated Thanksgiving at our farmhouse, I took my paints to do a few watercolor sketches — possum haw holly, pine fronds and cones, as well as some practice painting words. I’ve put some of the sketches together in this printable December calendar. I hope you enjoy it this month! Punch a hole and hang with a ribbon or trim it to tuck into your journal or sketchbook as a reminder of how precious these days really are. There is also a little gift tag/paper admonition you can clip off and share with someone else to cheer it forward — do not open until Christmas! Click the image below to DOWNLOAD the printable calendar, and  I hope a few photos of our decked out halls will get you in the Christmas spirit.











sketch journal . 120213


photo essay 013013 . Snow Days


We had some rare snow here in North Mississippi a week or so ago and in addition to some fun with three munchkins and a somewhat posture-challenged snowman, I also had a date with my Canon and the trees in my front yard. The landscape was almost colorless blanketed in white, so I decided to try the shots in black and white. Hope you enjoy them.

13snow2 13snow3 13snow4 13snow5 13snow6

photo 012612 . Winter Bounty

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