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go . Opening Day for the Farmer’s Market


This Saturday my daughter and I stopped by opening day for the Starkville Community Market, the farmer’s market for local growers and food crafters in our area. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been privileged to do some illustration and design work for the Market again this year, and it’s been exciting to see the pieces in place at the event. We had a great time hearing live bluegrass music from the Cedar Creek Ramblers and visiting some of our favorite vendors, including Baby Girl’s kindergarten teacher (and farmer’s wife!). We picked up some locally made wheat bread, baklava, pasta, glycerine soaps, pastries and spinach. It was a wonderful outing before a day of flower gardening and preparations for my nine-year-old’s family birthday party. It’s a pleasure to buy food and treats from folks we know. I hope you’re enjoying your Monday and maybe the farmer’s market season in your own community!

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